Unity3D C# job System (翻译)


The Unity C# Job System lets you write simple and safe multithreaded code) that interacts with the Unity Engine for enhanced game performance.
Unity C# Job System可以让你轻松地编写简单而安全的多线程代码。这些代码通过和Unity引擎的相互配合能大大提高游戏的性能
You can use the C# Job System with the Unity Entity Component System (ECS), which is an architecture that makes it simple to create efficient machine code for all platforms.
你可以将C# job system和Unity的ECS系统结合使用,ECS体系结构使得为全平台创建高效的代码变得更为简单。

C# Job System Overview
What is multithreading?
What is a job system?
The safety system in the C# Job System
Creating jobs
Scheduling jobs
JobHandle and dependencies
ParallelFor jobs
ParallelForTransform jobs
C# Job System tips and troubleshooting